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If you are the trustee of an estate, you know how many duties you have to fulfill. Some of them are detail oriented; many are time-consuming. If you were close to the decedent, all of these duties can be emotionally draining.
One of the toughest jobs that can fall to a trustee is the liquidation of assets so that the estate can be divided. This may involve selling a house and its contents. Many times the contents need to be disposed of before the realtor can show the house. In an effort to save money, and because it seems at first glance like a simple job, some trustees opt to organize their own yard sale or garage sale to sell the home's contents. However, this approach is shortsighted. While it may be simple enough to organize a yard sale, it's tough to organize a really successful one. Plainly stated, the estate stands to gain much more revenue by partnering with a professional firm that specializes in estate sales.
What A Professional Firm Can Offer
There are many reasons why engaging a home contents sales company is a smart decision. Here are a few of them:
  • Contacts. A professional company maintains contact with hundreds of serious buyers such as antique dealers that want to know about estate sales. They will email these contacts to help ensure that your event is well attended. These buyers and others may be frequent visitors to the company website, where photos of items in the estate will be posted. As well, the firm will know where to place effective notices in conventional media, and they will blanket the neighbourhood with signs just before the sale. Many professionally organized sales feature a line-up outside the door before the sale begins, and ¾ of the items may sell within the first hour.
  • Organization. Sorting through the possessions of a loved one is a very difficult task. Professionals are able to do this task efficiently, and with the help of an appraiser, they will put fair prices on each item, labelling them clearly. During the week before the sale, items will be organized into areas of the house. This will help purchasers find the objects they're looking for quickly and easily.
  • Sales Force. On the day of the sale, better companies send a team of uniformed employees to supervise and sell. Pay stations are set up in each area to minimize the possibility of theft. Each cashier will have a credit card terminal so that large-ticket items can be purchased easily. Other services may include a delivery service so that furniture or appliances can be delivered to purchasers before the end of the day, and a cleanup service.
  • Comprehensive Service. One of the major benefits of hiring professionals is peace of mind for you. With service from beginning to end, it's not necessary for you to be involved in the details of the sale. In fact, many customers choose not to attend the event.
Reputable firms charge a percentage of the sales revenue. While this can range from 30-50%, remember that without their contacts and structure, your profits would certainly be much lower.
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